Tikun Olam

Welcome to Tikkun Olam/Sharing is Caring Committee
Committee Chair: Elaine Shapiro
Our mission is to promote Tikkun Olam within the congregation through various projects (Social Action/Social Justice) – to provide vision, leadership and programmatic support to Shir Ami and to perpetuate and advance Tikkun Olam by encouraging gemilut chasadim – pursuit of justice and acts of loving kindness while applying Judaic principles to contemporary issues.

Sharing is Caring:
Our committee joins together with communal professional to share information and to strategize how to best serve persons who are in crisis and in need of financial assistance on a short term basis. The Sharing is Caring committee works to maximize the resources of the community to the fullest potential, thereby enabling us to reach as many needy individuals as possible. We respond to calls for financial assistance discretely, promptly and with high regard for the privacy and personal dignity of the individual. Needy is defined as food, shelter, clothing and other essentials. Private contributions rather than fundraising make these good deeds possible.

How you can help:
Take part in Shir Ami’s Mitzvah Day
Bring Non-Perishable Food Items each time you come to the Synagogue
Volunteer at the Shir Ami Food Pantry