Dear Friends

Shabbat evening can be a very special and wonderful time of the week when we mark it by reciting blessings, singing Shabbat songs, telling stories and, best of all, sharing a Shabbat meal with friends and family.  Of course, that’s not always easy.  We may not know the blessings or all of the songs.  And sometimes, we don’t have friends or family nearby with whom to share our Shabbat dinner table.

That’s why we’re starting something new at our synagogue.  Beginning May 20th, we want to bring folks together to share Shabbat dinner.  We’re asking you to let us know if you would be willing to host two or more individuals at your Shabbat table -- or if you’d like to be invited to meet new people and share Shabbat with one of our host families.  We hope you’ll come first to services at 6:15 PM and meet up with your Shabbat dinner companions, then return to your “host home” for dinner, blessings and conversation.  We think this will be a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and renew old acquaintance with friends, all-around a shared Shabbat experience.

We know it takes a little courage -- and some warmth and friendliness -- but we know you’ve got that!  We also know this will be a wonderful way to make Shabbat evening special.  We will help you with the blessings and songs.  We’ll even help you with menu suggestions if you’ve never tried this before.  If money is an issue, as it often is, and you would like to host such a Shabbat dinner, our clergy will be happy to subsidize your efforts.

If you are interested in either hosting or attending such a Shabbat dinner experience on May 20th, please contact Marilyn Halpern at or 215-321-0408 before the end of April.

We hope this will be the beginning of something wonderful that will become a special part of congregational life here at Shir Ami, and something we can celebrate in this way again and again in the future.

Your Ritual Committee