Religious School

Shir Ami honors Jewish tradition and encourages exploring new ideas in creative and vibrant environments. Our primary goal is for our community to develop a meaningful relationship with God, Mitzvot, Israel and Torah.

V'Talmud Torah K'neged Kulam -- And the Study of Torah Leads to them All

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RabbiEricIn Hebrew, a school where Torah is studied is known as a Beit Midrash, which means a house of learning or explanation. A Beit Midrash seeks to educate its students about Torah, sacred Jewish texts, and the rituals and beliefs that have sustained Jewish people for centuries. With this in mind, our school strives to develop and challenge each student’s beliefs, to increase each student’s Judaic knowledge and to inspire each student to take what he/she learns and use it to guide his/her life.

Our school also seeks to be a warm and welcoming environment for families, where lifelong connections and friendships are built. Therefore, I look forward to getting to know, and study with, each child and parent/guardian who passes through the doors of our religious school. You should feel free to say hello and engage in conversation at any time and on any day of the week. If I am not in the hallways, classrooms, or my office, you can always contact me via e-mail or phone 215-968-3254

Rabbi Eric Goldberg
Religious School Director


The acquisition of Jewish knowledge is an ever-evolving, lifelong process.  It is a mitzvah for parents to learn and pass on the beliefs, customs and traditions of Judaism to their children. At Shir Ami we are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and tools to develop and question their Jewish identity, as well as teaching them that Jewish learning is never over – it is truly a lifelong pursuit.

Jewish education should provide opportunities for students to experience and appreciate Judaism through many avenues and entry points. With this in mind, our educational programs’ four primary goals are:

  1. To have students recognize that each Jew is a link to his/her past and is directly connected to the future.
  2. To have students participate in mitzvot in the community as well as the classroom.
  3. To have students build a deep and personal love for Israel (ahavat tzion), understanding that Israel is vital to the survival of Judaism.
  4. To have students feel comfortable praying and participating in any service.



A Message from Rabbi Eric Goldberg, Religious School Director