In each sacred Sefer Torah there are 304,805 letters.
If a single one is missing, the Torah scroll is considered
incomplete. Each letter therefore is, in its essence, Torah. Anyone
who writes even a single letter in a single word is considered to have 
written the Torah in its entirety. Think about what a rare honor that is


It is said that Torah may be the perfect symbol for all we are. It is our unbroken generational link to the people who stood at Mount Sinai as Moses was given those powerful words of law. We recite its commandments from our bimah and by extension, are tied to the lives that came before and those who will follow. Torah is the ultimate teacher. It is timeless, unchanging, and always revealing. It is full of beautiful ethics and significant precepts. Our faith endures only when we take its commandments intently.
What’s more, our Jewish tradition asks us to make a difference in the world, to live our days with purpose and find ways to inspire our children. It is in this ideal that our Shir Ami legacy is strongest. What better way to inspire our children than to write a Torah together?