We hope that everyone in the congregational family will find a meaningful way to participate by dedicating words,
    verses, weekly portions or even entire books of the Torah itself. Opening ceremonies will commence this November with the first official opportunity for us to fill in Hebrew letters. Ten additional dates will follow, right up until our closing ceremonies that will complete this beautiful Sefer Torah on June 13th, or more significantly, 6-13 on our calendar, representing the 613th commandment – the writing of a new Torah scroll. 

    From this unique effort we will give the children of Shir
    Ami a brand new Torah, something to behold for all of our
    days forward and certainly fulfilling  the vision of our
    founders. It is our hope that  we can share in the awe
    of creating a part of the centerpiece of our Judaism through
    this experience together. 

    You might find this project unique, educational
    and perhaps moving, but it will be most  certainly
    worthwhile. And while contributions for
    dedication opportunities will go a long way to support
    the Shir Ami community, the end result –a living Torah – will
    be given a permanent home in our Chapel for all time.
    It is our intention to use it for youth services, Chevrat Torah,
    weddings, b’nai mitzvot and most essentially for our
    Early Learning center, Youth Groups and Religious School needs.
    As we have likened Torah to a tree of life, we expect this Torah
    to be a part of the everyday lives of the youngest of the Shir Ami
    What better way can you think of to create a legacy for our children?