One evening in a suburban living room, friends gathered – architects of our Shir Ami legacy. 
Drawn by purpose and zeal, they made a pledge to one another. Inspired by their Jewish heritage
 and the generations that taught them to love who they were, these friends believed they could
make a difference. So they created something their children could be proud of – the foundation of a community.

This was thirty-six years ago. Today these few families have become the many – the Bucks County community called Shir Ami, a vibrant luminary to all. 

Our legacy is the sum of all we have built and continue to build together. It is the history we share, the values we foster. It is an extension of thousands of years of Jewish teaching and tradition. In these thirty-six years our Shir




Ami community has done many wonderful things to build an inspiring legacy. We have fed the homeless, clothed the impoverished and constructed shelter for those in need. But of all of these mitzvot we have fulfilled, we have never written our own Torah. 

This year Shir Ami congregation is undertaking a commandment that asks something significant of us. It is the very last mitzvah of our 613. And this commandment, one of the greatest we can perform, instructs us to create a Torah. To write the words and sing the song. To inscribe our legacy in black ink on kosher parchment.