Inscribing Our Legacy



Dear Friends,

Our Jewish tradition teaches us that before even the world was created, there was Torah.  For us, Torah is eternal, a timeless blueprint for better communities, better families, better lives, a better world.  As one sage put it, “It is God’s love letter to the Jewish people." No wonder we can’t wait to honor and kiss it as it is carried through the congregation on Shabbat morning.  No wonder our children are so obviously moved by the opportunity to chant from it as they become Bar and Bat Mitzvah.  No wonder we have been so careful to learn Torah, live Torah and teach Torah to our children.  And above all else, the greatest mitzvah, the greatest commandment of all, is the mitzvah of writing a Torah scroll ourselves, thus increasing the stock of wisdom, kindness and menschlichkeit in the world.

Now, for the first time in this congregation’s history – and likely for the first time in all our lives – the opportunity is there for us to create a brand-new Torah scroll that will permanently grace the ark of the Chapel.  It will be used for Chevrat Torah, alternative Shabbat services, weddings and b’nai mitzvah but it will most especially find its place in the spiritual lives of our children in our Early Learning Center, our Religious School and our Youth Groups.


Shir Ami’s Torah Project - inscribing our legacy