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Sefer Torah                                      $150,000.00

Torah Crown                                   $100,000.00

Mantle & Breastplate                    $75,000.00

Each Book of Torah.                       $50,000.00

Yad & Torah Belt                           $36,000.00

Lectern Cover                                 $18,000.00

Special Passages                            $7,500.00
Shema You Shall Love Your God Ten Commandments Attributes of God The Golden Rule
Priestly Benediction Moses’ blessing Justice, Justice Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Sukkot Shemini Atzeret Pesach Shavuot First Word Last Word

Biblical Stories                              $5,400.00
Seven Days of Creation Creation of Adam and Eve Noah’s Ark Rainbow Covenant Call to
Abraham Abraham’s Hospitality Rebecca at the Well Jacob’s Dream Jacob becomes Israel Birth of Moses The Burning Bush Fleeing Egypt At Sinai Tzelophchad’s Daughters Moses appoints Joshua the Leader Moses blesses the Israelites Death and Burial of Moses

Significant Verses                         $ 3,600.00
Genesis (Bereshit) First Shabbat Noah sends forth a dove – new beginning, prayer for peace
Abraham buys the burial place for Sarah – upon a loss Marriage of Isaac & Rivka – marriage or engagement Jacob receives the Blessing of the First Born – birth Jacob is renamed Israel Joseph’s Dreams Joseph reunited with his brothers Jacob blesses the Twelve Tribes on the Day of his passing

Significant Verses (continued)                         $3,600.00

Exodus (Shemot) The Commandment of Passover Song at the Red Sea – to honor a woman Keeping the Sabbath Land of Milk and Honey – Israel
Leviticus (Vayikrah) Love Your Neighbor as Yourself – social action, holiness code
Numbers (Bemidbar) How Goodly are Your Tents, Jacob,
Your Dwellings – Israel Mah Tovu – Bar/Bat Mitzvah – Beginning of morning service
Deuteronomy (Devarim) Mezuzot Justice, Justice You Shall Follow in Order to Live I Have Set Before you Today Life & Good – choose life – High Holidays

Portion                                                                   $1,200.00
Weekly Torah Portion
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Please indicate name of the Torah Portion

Chapter                                                                  $ 613.00
For the honor of completing the last six letters of the Torah, a lottery will be held for all those making dedications of $613 and higher.

Verse                                                                     $480.00

Biblical Name                                                      $180.00

Word                                                                      $54.00

Letter                                                                     $36.00

Individual School Children’s Letter
Religious School and Preschool Children Only             $18.00