Welcome to the Boomers

Do you remember the names of all four Monkees?  Do you know who had a chauffeur that was a genuine dinosaur?  Can you remember where you were when you heard the words “The Eagle has landed”?  If so, you’re probably a BOOMER!

Shir Ami is pleased and proud to have an active social group that we call….what else?  The Boomers!  We’re a group of Shir Ami members born between 1946 and 1964 who get together on a semi-regular basis for all sorts of fun and entertainment.  Last year, we went to the McCarter Dinner Theater in Princeton, enjoyed a Sunday evening dinner and discussion with Mrs. Benjamin Franklin, and had a Boomer’s bowling night.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get together for fun and good times with other Shir Ami members who probably learned to do the twist at the same time you did, why not join us at one of our Boomer events?  We contact everyone via e-mail so if you’re not already on our distribution list, please call the synagogue office and leave a message for me.  I’ll see to it that your name and e-mail address are added to our list.

We’re always anxious to get more people involved in the planning of our get-togethers so if you’re interested in serving on our committee and helping to plan future events, just let me know!

Ken Bieber
Committee Chair